1. R - SPACE 

    Interactive Installation

    Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia, 2022



    Survival Kit 5, Riga, Latvia, 2013


    The Poetic Robotism project series, started in 2009, is the result of creative collaboration between artists Eva Vēvere and Laura Prikule.

    Poetic Robotism is a work method, probing binary oppositions (poetic/robotic, systemic/individual, real/imaginary etc.) and thus speaking of the ‘paradox point’ as a specific location in the area of our perception where opposites overlay but their outlines are erased. One of the goals is to establish a playground for new levels of all sensory experience and intellectual reflection. The media chosen to convey the general principles of Poetic Robotism is cube – hexahedron, various cubical ideas are implemented in different situations and locations. Many of the ideas carried out address the issues of art in public or public space. Poetic Robotism itself is a collaborative practice and often the spectator also becomes the participant. Some of these projects have taken place outside the confines of the customary gallery spaces, places accessible to the passer-by. In most of the occasions though it is the involvement of the public that blends the ‘art-space’ and the public space.




    Interactive installation

    KIM? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia, 2011



  4. TIME PLANNER: circular 04

    Interactive installation

    Ingerdients, Riga Art Space, Latvia, 2013




    Interactive installation

    Office Gallery, Latvian Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia, 2012



  6. POINT OF...


    Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn, Estonia, 2011


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